Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Technology Rocks!

You know, sometimes computers and technology really end up making life more difficult.  But today - it rocks!

I just posted some links to missionary friends who are serving God all over the world.  So I thought, "Hey, I wonder who's around?"  I looked at my Skype list of friends, and Al Konya (Hungary) is online.  I sent him a chat - "Hello, are you around?"

We chatted for a couple of sentences, then I said, "I think my microphone is working now - can we give it a try?"  (It didn't work last time we tried.)  And we did.  And I got to talk to my good friend and former pastor for 35 minutes for FREE over the internet!

We updated each other on what is happening - the good and the bad (human perspective, of course).

How cool is it that we can talk, with clear quality, from our offices, 6 hours and thousands of miles apart?  Very cool.  The internet has made the world very small - let's intentionally use it for the Kingdom.


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Janie T said...

Technology is fantastic! I totally agree. Thanks for sharing your experience!